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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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crowded grocery store shot by masked gunman waiting for him, just how much money these crooks got away with. president obama making very important announcements on the violent situationness both ukraine and iraq, but that is not what people are talking about this morning. what had everyone, all a twitter. >> oh, my. >> heading down the shore this weekend, it is cristobal, and what you need to know about rip tides. >> for those coming to philadelphia for made in america festival this weekend, what you won't aloud to bring, with you. a couple of things. good day, it is friday august 29th, 2014. >> a lot of news this morning. our reporters are covering our top stories. steve keeley is live, covering that brazen robbery, dawn timmeney has you covered with everything you need to necessity for made in america. we will talk to them in a moment. but first lets head over to caitlin in time for weather on the one's and time for a check
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of traffic. >> good morning, to you and everybody else. all important forecast as we head out for long holiday weekend. i'm happy to say you cannot get a bet are start this even this. it is a ten. feels refreshing. very cool. we will see sunshine, low humidity, really don't know if anyone can argue with how beautiful it is later on today. in complaint here. buddy is enjoying, his last week of sum are vacation out by the pool, maybe heading down the shore himself this weekend. sun screen in hand and sun block, strong sun starting off cool in the 50's and 60's but later today we will warm up fairly quickly. right now it is only 61 in philadelphia gorgeous sunrise about to occur, we will see some pink in the skies, a few clouds, otherwise, we will see sun. fox cast 80 degrees, mostly sunny and pleasant. light breeze. tonight 64 degrees. just as cool and comfortable under partly cloudy skies, we will warm up for holiday weekend and we will have that in ten minutes in your seven day forecast. but first the other big story
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of the morning and unfortunately unlike the weather, it is in the a good story. this is 76 westbound we are seeing a live shot of emergency vehicles dealing with the overturn tractor trail their occurred over two hours ago on 76 westbound off ramp to route one city avenue, trailer blocks the the first exit ramp to city avenue and also blocks off ramp to 76 west. you cannot access these ramps, excuse me. in order on get around this still blocking the whole scene you have to use one or two alternate. ridge avenue to city avenue bridge back to 76 west or continue west on 76 past lincoln drive and then take the second city avenue exit ram that comes in handy on mornings like this. the accident new in progress as we just showed you, tractor trailer was righted about an hour ago before waiting for everything to get off the scene as morning rush picks up, this is going to cause delays to bill. we will let you know when that has been cleared, chris.
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>> he meantime philadelphia police are looking for robbers who ambush and shot a man making a big deposit at a super market box. >> fox 29's steve keeley live with the very latest on this investigation, steve. >> reporter: people that watch us every day are saying here we go, second time in two days you have a cash business, with big amounts of cash being robbed by two guys in masks. we have had fake cops earlier in the week hitting chinese food distribution center for 87 grand. now we have two guys again in masks hitting a northeast philadelphia pathmark that has citizens bank branch in it. this guy driving from his businesses to make a $70,000 deposit and obviously somebody knows he does this on a regular basis because you they didn't even follow him there. they just waited for him there. it is dinner time at 6:00 o'clock. it is i pack grocery store. he pulls in, they pull up behind him. he tries to lock himself in. they burst windows with their two guns.
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they end up shooting him in the right arm. he is okay but the guy reaches into the the broken glass of the passenger side ape grabs the bag with $70,000. now we have police again here in philadelphia for second time this week looking for two guys who robbed somebody of a large amount of cash. their white van was seen on surveillance. it had fancy rims, roof rack so they got a good look at these guys and their getaway car but here we go 12 hours later still no sign of the van or the guys or the cash, chris and kerry. >> wow, 70 grand, steve thanks. 6:04. in south philadelphia police say driver in the suv blew through a stop sign and slammed in the tractor trailer. >> this is what it looked like after impact. it knock the tractor trailer in the house. police say no one was home when this happened. medics took both drivers to the hospital with minor injuries. and is there new surveillance video of two vehicles of interest, involved in the recent hit and run in gloucester township, new jersey.
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one is a jeep cherokee the other is a light four door vehicle. police say they are both in the area of sicklerville and jarvis roads sunday night when a driver hit kevin trant and then kept going. trant remains in the hospital. 6:05 right now. happening today students at delaware valley charter school high school in logan are heading back for the first full day of school. in light of last years school shootings there will be some new security procedures. that includes increased processing entering the building and home sweeps by school security guards. two students were injured last january when a man bypassed metal detectors and handed a gun to the student in exchange for cash. philadelphia is kicking off the labor day weekend with a massive music celebration. >> thousands will flock to the city for made in america festival and police want to make sure everyone is safe. fox's dawn timmeney in the news room looking at how the city plans to do just that, dawn. >> reporter: chris and kerry, it is a big job because we're talking about dozens of top
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performers, four stages and thousands of people all on the parkway over two taste. city has spent some two months mapping out specific game plan to ensure everyone has a good time and that those crowds are under control. fbi, law enforcement, event planners, sponsors, you name it, all involved in the many meetings held regarding security and logistics. police are trying to prevent any problems like under age drinking, fights, fueled by too much alcohol and drugs and they say they will carding people, they will be checking for backpacks or anything suspicious and city officials say this year do not plan on trying to sneak in any drinks of any kind, not even water, water however will be provided free of charge and you can bring in empty contained tore fill up at water stationses but nothing brought in. there are road closures, chris and kerr that i people need to be aware of, two lanes in front of the art museum are closed as are inner lanes of benjamin franklin parkway from between the second street to eakins oval and starting at
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10:00 o'clock this morning there are major closures throughout that entire area. so if you are heading down this morning or later this morning, you'll want to steer clear of that area if you can, kerry. >> that is very good advice dawn thanks. if would you like to check outline up of performers at the festival head to my fox, very easy to do, click on the scene on tv tab right under the news tab. police in ferguson, missouri are hoping to avoid another incident involving their officers, new high tech tool donated to that department to help protect, police and its citizens. a warm welcome for former eagle michael vick we will have this and more highlights the from the preseason game. boy did the of
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we've got some breaking news. a 50 year-old woman is in critical condition after being hit by two cars in philadelphia's logan section. it happened at broad and philadelphia in just before 5:00. police say both drivers left the scene. the first carries described, as a small white car, it has got front end damage. the second is a full sized, dark colored sedan. we will continue to follow this story and, of course, update you when we get additional information. police are still on the scene piecing this together as well. people are kicking off labor day weekend early in ocean city. >> yes yesterday hundreds of people pack beach as life guards kept watch. they dealt with 30 rescues throughout the day due to the big waves and strong rip
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currents. in an effort to keep everyone safe beach patrol is asking parents not only to allow their kids to swim in front of life guard but life gang are manning eighth, ninth, 12th street areas until 8:00 p.m. throughout the holiday weekend. >> rip currents will be a problem, as well. 6:11 right now. caitlin is joining us with weather on the one's. >> and monies not looking so hot at this point. >> i know, labor day is what we are watching for showers and then are storms. despite the the great start, there will be some rain, most likely impacting the city and mountains sunday and shore monday. rip currents getting back to that all thanks to hurricane cristobal which is now, still a category one hurricane but far off towards our east, just south of the canadian mar times, wind sustained at 80 miles an hour. way far off shore. its closest point to our shorelines yesterday when rip current risk was in the high levels. tons of rescues were called in for down along the the jersey
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shore beaches but today as it pulled away we are seeing that threat lessen. that being said your shore cast featuring a moderate risk so be careful and swim when life guard are on duty. by tomorrow we will see it lessen more and rest of the weekend should be okay but still work that choppy surf you just want to use caution out there. lets look at your friday forecast all around, a lot of us exited to get this weekend going where ever you are headed whether in the city, poconos or shore it looks beautiful. sunshine and 81. poconos it is crisp, seven three is all for the high temperature. seventy-six down the shore and this beautiful weather will become warm and then it will be stormy. we will that have ahead in your seven day forecast. big story of the morning if you are trying to access 76 west you've got a big problem. overturn tractor trailer from now over two hours ago. it is still on the scene. accident blocks first exit ramp to city avenue. it blocks off ramp to 76 west. if you normally take 76 west and heading out this morning
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if you can think of a entirely different way to go that within great but if you must access city avenue here are your alternates. take ridge avenue to city after new bridge back to 76 west or we can justin west on 76 past lincoln drive second city avenue exit ramp. clean up in progress, tractor trailer full of eggs and overturn creating a huge mess that has been righted but police activity still trying to move this truck. in north philadelphia we have something else to tell but at belfield avenue. we have another accident blocking the southbound lanes, use 15th street as an alternate there, kerry. caitlin, thank you. excuse me 6:13. president obama making several important announcements last night on the situation in iraq and ukraine. but that is not what everybody is talking about this morning. they should be but they are not. male announcer: experience the wonders of maryland, when you hike, bike, drive or paddle along our civil war trails driving and walking tours with plenty of stops to enjoy along the way.
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president's bam ace warning russia while completely ruling out any u.s. military action in ukraine. this comes as fighting continues between government forces and russian rebels in ukraine. rebels have been on a major offence turf take a strategic town in the south of the country which is now reportedly under their control. >> the violence is encourage by rush, the separatists are trained by russia, and they are armed by russia, and a they are funded by russia. >> next month, president obama will meet with the ukraine's president victor at the the white house. the president also made it clear that his priority, right now, is isis in iraq. iraq's military released a video showing government forces showing isis militants yesterday. army claims footage was video tape earlier in the day in the fallujah area.
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military commander says troops killed more than 30 terrorists. you might have noticed something different about the president yesterday, he tan suit he wore during the the news conference. overseer use and ukraine, important issues. >> very important issues. social media lighting up with comments about the president's fashion choice, some of you loved it, some hated it, tweeted like yes, we can and the audacity of tope, both of them, plays on his best selling book and the other on his campaign slogan. is there a twitter account dedicated to the suit. he typically wears dark suits but can i just say. >> please do. >> how superficial have we become. an american journalist beheaded a couple weeks ago, addressing issues related to things about that and we're talk about his suit. pathetic. okay. 6:17. nearly three weeks after an unarmed tune killed by a police officer in missouri hillary clinton made her first public statement about this controversial shooting.
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former secretary of state making comments speaking in front of the technology group in san francisco. >> behind the dramatic, terrible pictures on television, our deep challenges that are going to be with them and with us, long after the cameras move on. this is what happens when the bond of trust and respect, that hold any community together fray. we cannot ignore the inequities that persist in our justice system. inequities that under mind our most deeply held values of fairness, and equality. >> as a potential presidential candidate, clinton had been called out by some civil rights advocates for not commenting about an 18 year-old michael brown's death. county and federal investigations are continuing. meanwhile, the ferguson missouri police department is training for use of body cameras. there are a total of 55 cameras that have been purchased or some donated by
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private companies. city's police chief says he hopes these cameras will be used by all city officers by next week. advocates provided cameras say the ad of the objective view for what happens between police and public. >> louisiana state health officials confirm the presence of deadly brain eating ameba in the water systems that serves three towns in american 12,000 people. water officials are returning a chlorine burn through the system to kill that a mean a residents can drink, shower and cook with the water but they should not get tonight their nose. that is how ate tax the brain. right new there have been in reports of any illnesses. a half million low income pennsylvania residents are in line to get access to federally funded health insurance. governor tom corbett's administration and u.s. department of health and human services greed to accept medicaid expansion money under 2012 federal health care law. that money became available last january 1st. coverage will be administered through private insurers but
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it must adhere to medicaid's rules. "good day philadelphia" starts in about 40 minutes. scary stuff though to report to you this morning. federal officials say up to five major banks could have been hack by cyber terrorist. >> so what compactly happened? can we protect ourselves or prevent this? we will talk about that coming up. we're heading to wildwood for our last come back down the shore segments of the summer. quincy and a special guest head down to wildwood, we will be right there at the wildwood sign. >> who is his guest today? all right. we will introduce you to him later this morning, caitlin. >> mike jerrick joining us too for good day fail. >> hopefully. >> we showed those office cameras that they put, that within a good one to have for mike to see what he does in after hours. >> what does he do. >> wouldn't that be fun. >> it would be fascinating all right.
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>> it is like a train wreck, you cannot look away. >> well, we love him. he would agree to that. it might be a train wreck sometimes. your seven day forecast starting off great today, it is comfortable, a lot of sunshine 80 degrees. doesn't get much better than this but it could on saturday f you like weather a little bit warmer. eight three is the high on saturday. still a lot of sun and a bit more humid heading in to sunday. sunday is when things change, hot, humid, showers and thunderstorms likely in philadelphia in the afternoon and evening. then it will move south eastward and we will see then are storm chance early monday here and then through the day labor day down the shore unfortunately. by tuesday it is still a threat and still hot through wednesday but we can get our third heat wave of the season. mostly sunny there on thursday and 87 degrees, and we are definitely with the heat basically any day after saturday. that is your seven day forecast, traffic authority has been on this overturn
6:22 am
tractor trailer on 76 westbound off ram township route one city avenue all morning long. we are still there because it is still blocking, the first exit ramp to city avenue and also blocking off ramp to 76 west. using your two alternates will get you around this mess but you can already see build up starting to delay because of the off ramps that you cannot access. your one alternate is ridge avenue to city after new bridge to 76 west or continue west on 76 past lincoln drive to the second city avenue ramp. clean up is in progress. it will take a while because it is a huge tractor trail their overturn and we will let you know when you can get on and off the first exit. north fey brawl street, there is an accident blocking southbound lanes. you have to use 15th street as an al hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30?
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all right. big win, late last night for the the temple owls, on the road, their season open's begins vanderbilt did not start until nearly 11:00 o'clock because of rain, but it was well worth the wait. pj walker threw for two
6:26 am
touchdowns and ran for a third, owls 37-seven upset win. this is first time temple has beat a team from the sec since 1938. >> been a while. >> good night. for some it is a throw away game, last of the preseason. >> but for others this is a huge chance to try to get one of those last roster spots. the it was eagles and jets last night at the link, made way through the first, matt barclay with the 43-yard bomb to benn. he was wide open on the play. it puttying also up seven to nothing. code codey parky, he will make chip's job tough, he kick a 54 yarder and later a 53 yarder. he fridays auburn. knock on him was he was not accurate from past 50 yards but he just disproved that last night. johnson makes his case to stay, in the 46-yard touchdown run. eagles beat the the jets 37-seven. new this was kind of touching
6:27 am
and a really nice move by the jets, and eagles for that matter. we will start with the jets right here, he came into the the game. he wasn't expect to play at all. he just made a hand off there. we saw recollection ryan the coach, he then called a time out, to give the eagles fans a chance to cheer on, the former quarterback michael vick. good to see him back. >> classy move. >> sure was. >> nfl, toughening its policy on domestic violence. commissioner goodell sent a letter to every single nfl own's nunsing there will be a six game mandatory suspension, for first offense and a life time ban for second offence committed by any nfl employee. that is not just players but everybody. >> goodell said quote, he didn't get it right in giving ravens running back ray rice a two game suspension for allegedly hitting a woman who is now his wife. for second time this week someone gets booted from a flight for something that they brought on board, what had one woman so upset, that she
6:28 am
doused another passenger with water?
6:29 am
6:30 am
gunman lying in wait with a man with $70,000 on him, the the public place that made this daring robbery in broad daylight. >> unaudible. >> like oh, my god. >> i guess so this little guy
6:31 am
wasn't due for a couple days but it seems he could not wait, what the mom was doing in the courthouse when she started to feel contractions. >> joan rivers rush to the hospital when she initial to cardiac arrest, how she's doing this morning. i believe she's doing well. her daughter said most recently that she was resting comfortably but she was having some sort of surgery. she stopped breathing. >> new york city and then rush over to cedars sinai. we will check on her condition. lets look at weather on the one's with caitlin this morning. good morning. >> good morning to everybody. weather could not be better but we have a mess, we are following an overturn tractor trailer accident that closed off ramp on 76 westbound to city avenue. we have reports of a new hit and run from north philadelphia where steve keeley is heading to we will get to that in a second but first lets check your forecast. this is positive side on this friday morning, holiday weekend is here, it is cool but it is sunny, low humidity and beautiful day a ahead. bus stop buddy outside with his sunglasses and sun screen
6:32 am
soaking up what is left of summer vacation. temperatures are very cool, in fact, we have slipped in the 50's here in philadelphia. it has been a while since we have been there. 59 degrees the morning temperature but from there we will rise up to a very pleasant 80 degrees under mostly sunny skies with a light breeze. doesn't get much better than this we are cool and comfortable 64 for the low temperature with the heat, humidity and thunderstorms will all make an appearance in your holiday weekend forecast. we will let you know when that returns in ten minutes in the seven day. back out to the schuylkill where we will start with your traffic authority. here is video from earlier this morning it was still dark with this overturn tractor trailer full of eggs, blocks the off ramp to city avenue on 76 westbound. we are traveling east bound and such a bad accident overturn, on to the westbound side, luckily in other cars were involved, almost a miracle there but we're still seeing the closures, because of this earlier accident. you cannot access off ramp to
6:33 am
city avenue on 76 west. your alternates are ridge avenue to city avenue bridge back to 76 west or you can justin on west on 76 past lincoln drive to the second city avenue exit ramp. clean up is in progress but the build ups are really, really bad. we are getting a ton of volume picking up. we will have issues no matter where you are traveling 76 west. also haddon heights, hey land avenue at white horse pike route 30 we have reports of an accident in there, and breaking news, which is in north philadelphia chris which you aring to go handle right now. >> lets get to that. in philadelphia's logan section where a woman was hit by two cars. >> still an active scene police looking for two drivers. lets get out to steve keeley live at the scene, steve. >> reporter: remember the scene is lit new bye it was dark when it happen, an hour an a half ago, 5:00 o'clock. still very dark out here. despite it being broad street a very wide big commercial street with streetlights it can be very hard to see people
6:34 am
at times. there is a couple crosswalks. this is a very big intersection here at belfield and courtland. you have almost two road intersecting which is brought together. we don't necessity which way the lady was walking from. all we heard from was first witness said she was thrown in the air like a rag doll. one car hit her, knock her in the air and in the path of a second car which ran her over and then both cars took off. if is there a positive to this she's still alive and she got hit by two great hospitals, einstein and temple trauma units. she got help as quickly as possible instead of being hit far away from the hospital. you can see police have broad street going toward the city shut down as they investigate this case and traffic being detoured just behind that block there behind the saint john's van glis church. it won't be too much out of the way for the drivers and, traffic backing up here. this is right before the route one entrance ramp and these
6:35 am
people probably don't wanting to there anyway, because you that backup is horrendous going in the other accident that we have covered all morning since we got on the air on the schuykill expressway. really big traffic troubles and this is just another sad story and another hit and run here in philadelphia which must be the capitol of the world when it comes to those kind of cases, chris and kerry. >> it is unfathomable that two cars hit a woman and both cars take off. steve, real quickly, we have looked at the debris in the road is that a shoe we saw in the street there. >> reporter: that is women's hair we have that is how bad she was hit. i didn't want to get too graphic but she was hit pretty bad. >> terrible. all right. steve keeley live for us, thank you. 6:35. multi agency manhunt is
6:36 am
underway for people who carried out a gruesome gang related double murder and then tossed the victims in the schuylkill river everybody than. >> investigators swarm the the property. yesterday they were executing a search warrant. they believe thinks where two asian brothers were duct tape, tortured and killed in the hundred thousand dollars allege drug deal gone bad, a third victim managed to break free. also a man shot and robbed as $70,000 in the parking lot of a supermarket in northeast philadelphia this happened outside path mart on bleigh have avenue thursday night at 6:00. victim a 37 year-old businessman had just pulled into make a deposit at citizens bank branch inside that store. that is when police say two armed robbers demanded his cash, and then shot him in the arm before taking off, at the time, that store was full with dozens of shoppers. >> broad daylight, witnesses, cameras for somebody to do something like that, they cannot be thinking past the moment. >> this is supposed to be like a great neighborhood. i have never seen anything or heard anything like this. >> my goodness. investigators say surveillance video shows this white dodge
6:37 am
minivan, that the robbers used to take off, if you have any information you are asked to call the philadelphia police. 6:37. happening today a school student, from lakewood, new jersey was laid to rest this morning in israel. >> twenty-three year-old aaron sofer's funeral comes one day after it was announced his body had been found in the jerusalem forest. he went missing last week while hiking with friends. investigators say they do not suspect foul play in his dead. >> it gives us some comfort in knowing that aaron did not meet a violent end or that was perpretrated by terrorism or kidnapping. >> forensic investigators say it is difficult to determine his cause of death because of decomposition. police want to, track down two men who they say robbed three people. here is a sketch of one of the men believed to be involved. victims are 16 to 21, they were getting out of the car in the 100 block of perkins avenue and silver side heights
6:38 am
when they were approached by this guy and another man, police say one of them pointed a handgun at them while the other grabbed their stuff. robbers took off with wallet and other items. if you have any information, call police. back to schooltime and your kids are not only ones feeling the the blues how it could affect your pets, and what you can do about it. ♪ >> this kid rocks. >> yeah. >> with the binge i. >> rock on. >> rock on. >> yes, more of what he is doing and why, and the abc's like you have never heard them
6:39 am
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have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax.
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but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change. welcome back. weather and traffic on the one's, we have in problems with the one but we have huge traffic problems. we have a beautiful start to the holiday weekend. if you are just joining us it is cool. we are back to feeling like fall, this morning with temperatures in the 50's every where. clear skies overhead. we are not worried about rain but we will be later this weekend. fox future cast putting us through the paces showing us nothing but sunshine and clear skies friday night. saturday looks good which is great. everything going on around the city made in america should go off fine saturday night, down the shore, poconos we are looking good. by sunday mid afternoon rain starts to move in toward our north and west, showers sneak in the city overnight and from sunday into labor damon we
6:42 am
will see an increase chance have of showers and thunderstorms. right now 59 degrees outside here in philadelphia, sweater weather here on our friday, last unofficial weekend of summer, 80 today, sunny and very nice. saturday itself looking good as we take a look at your seven day forecast, 38 on saturday. heat and humidity will return, you will notice different, 88 degrees with the chance of the thunderstorm, in the city north and west, everyone has a chance to see showers and thunderstorms as front crosses area on labor day. still a threat into tuesday. look at those temperatures hot monday, tuesday, and wednesday, we will get a heat wave there just as we finally get out of the summer season. eighty-seven on thursday. weekend getaway in the poconos it is cold, temperatures in the 40's early saturday morning but a nice afternoon 74 and sunny, 80 on sunday and 82 with chance of thunderstorms monday. down the shore the great weather hold out sunday. you won't see chance for showers and thunderstorms
6:43 am
until monday. watch for rip currents today as beaches we are still seeing a maryland rate threat for rip currents just about every where. that is your weather authority forecast, major accident that is just coming in now north philadelphia at belfield avenue, where we have steve keeley on the scene, this is blocking southbound lanes, you'll to have use 15th street as the alternate. also the the huge accident that we have been covering all morning long the overturn tractor trailer on 76 westbound, to the off ramp to route one. i have good news. it has been now cleared. all morning long we have been following that tractor trailer where you could not access city avenue off ramp but you now can, however now on roosevelt boulevard south bun approaching 76 west on the off ramp there is a disable vehicle so that is blocking the right lane and is there huge delays in the area, so try to avoid it if you can, chris. >> caitlin, from new jersey, lawmakers are demanding to see phone record in the probe of the so-called, bridge gate scandal. they have subpoenaed at&t for phone record of the top aid to
6:44 am
new jersey governor chris christie, that aid says that she texted governor christie about her testimony in december but then deleted the messages. the christie says he doesn't remember ever receiving messages. lawmakers are probing whether governor christie ordered lane closures on the george washington bridge as political retribution. 118 animals are all safe this morning thanks to the pennsylvania spca. they were rescued from a shed in northampton county on daniels road in nazareth. they found bird, cats, dogs, chickens all living together. so, the investigation continues and charges are pen ning for the owner of that shed. most of us think of our kids when it comes to back to school blues but apparently it affects our pets as well. >> they may be in need of some cheering up. >> yes. >> according to massachusetts researchers some 80 million dogs, feel abandoned after summer filled with attention, playful days and some even look for ways to lash out. scratch doors, they tear
6:45 am
curtains or they get in other things around the house. what can you do? experts suggest making back to school a happy time with the the treats, have doggie toys, right something to chew on. another idea to make a place where your dog feels safe and if that work talk tour vet about other treatment options. if we leave little wilson at the house for extended per of time, out for a bike ride or times, he gets mad and starts chewing up things that normally he wouldn't if we were there giving him attention. expecting mother's trip to meet with her lawyers ended up with her baby being born. she visited a courthouse in georgetown, texas a couple taste before her due date, she was delivering papers to her lawyers. once there she started to feel contractions and she had to give birth in the bathroom, to a healthy baby boy with the help of paramedics. >> i went to the bathroom and it is all happening in like no timeless than an hour or so.
6:46 am
i went back, and i didn't know everybody was in the hallway, everybody was clapping. >> less than an hour, from the beginning of her contractions, to the birth. less than an hour. >> you say that with envy in your voice. >> oh, my gosh, about 35 hours worth. >> a delivery like this is so rare that city hall honored, hi chris, family of fire fighters to help deliver that little guy. >> thirty-five hours. >> thirty-five. >> thirty-six. >> for one kid. >> and 24 for the second. >> i still ended up having to get a c-section. >> i have new respect. >> horrifying, without drugs, should i go on. >> okay, please. >> never mind. >> people use facebook for all kind of things reconnecting friend. but we're talking babies here. how about a adopting a baby over face bike. any and libby or t man have been struggling to conceive for six years but they have turn to facebook telling
6:47 am
friend about their struggle abe their dream to become parents. a few months later they received a message from a former co-worker. it turns out that the co-worker's sister was pregnant and could not keep the baby. >> her exact words were my baby sister is pregnant and she wants to meet you. >> so the couple had named the baby calvin. he is three weeks old. couple is in the process of a cooperating the the little guy. >> so cool. >> 6:47. for the second time in a week a commercial flight had to be diverted after a passenger had a violent outburst over a reclining seat. officials say 61 year-old he had monday alexander became irate on the american airlines flight from my am toy paris after a woman put her seat back. flight a tenants tried to calm him down but he kept being disruptive. he with was handcuffed by two federal air marshals on board the plane and arrested and flight was divert todd boston.
6:48 am
>> weird. they don't even rekline. >> barely. >> apple is expect to unveil three new gadgets next month, they include a health monitor and two larger iphones. apple sent out cryptic invites the about the september 9th launch but it is expect a 7-inch and five and a half inch iphone six will be unveiled alongside the iwatch. the watch will be able to monitor its wearers health as well as show them alert from their phone. samsung has licensing had a jump on apple in the smart watch game, now samsung has unveiled what it claimses the world's first smart watch that can make and receive calls without the aid of a their by smart phone. new watch is the gear s, the the watch is large enough that users will be able to reese messages, notifications at a glance, it goes on sale in october just in time for christmas shopping season, of course. joan rivers daughter says her mother is resting comfortably after having an
6:49 am
emergency while visiting a doctor's office in new york city. >> comedy ledgend was rush to the hospital yesterday morning, this is in new york after going into are a yak arrest. it is unclear exactly why she was seeing a doctor. rivers daughter melissa didn't elaborate other than to say she was resting comfortably on her mother's condition. miley cyrus homeless date has turn himself in authorities. jessed walked in it or gone jail last night to surrender. he was wanted for three years on a probation violation. today in oregon we want this guy. so, he was arrested in oregon. his bail is set $25,900 n word whether or not miley will help him that. he shot to fame on sunday after the whole world watch him accept vma for miley cyrus. she basically outed him to authorities. >> i know. after weeks of speculation shek ira has confirmed baby number two is on the the way. singer and soccer player boyfriend confirmed the news
6:50 am
in the cost mow pol tan magazine. their first son milan was born in january 2013. shek ira released her latest album in march. instead of getting off to paradise for their honeymoon brad pitt and angelina jolie are back to work. >> brad is doing prepping for his new movie fury. angelina is getting ready to shoot by the sea a film that she wrote, directing and starring in long side her new husband. this will be their first on screen paring since mr. and mrs. smith. >> wildly popular. >> yes. >> "good day philadelphia" a starts in ten minutes and it is no mistake college kids need their caffeine but when it comes to how much coffee students drink and all that kind of stuff, where do our colleges rank. >> it is high, most happening schools in the whole country, right here, in philadelphia. also made in america coming this weekend? are you going? well, you may not be able to get in if you bring certain
6:51 am
things with you, we have a warning for you. >> yes, everything you need to know about security, road closures, as well and of course biggest names coming to philadelphia to perform. we have them listed on the web site as well. >> caitlin you get out and about, are you going to go. >> i wouldn't be caught dead there. >> really. >> to be brutally honest. >> i love your candor. >> sorry, i forgot to filter. i don't do well with crowds, thanks. but, it really is a great event and i will agree there are awesome names that will be out there. saturday and sunday night i believe, weather looks like it will be great to start and then we might have issues by sunday night. your friday planner certainly no issues. for the drive-in it is like fall. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. by the lunch hour mostly sunny skies. 76 degrees and then later on tonight we will hit 80 degrees at some point this afternoon for our high temperature. very pleasant but we will spend most of the day in the 70's and then it will be
6:52 am
cooler again as we head into the the tonight. that is your friday planning forecast, holiday weekend is upon us but there are major issues outside on the roads this morning all morning lock from top to bottom we have had problems mainly on the schuylkill but newest major accident is in north philadelphia. this is at belfield avenue, and the accident is blocking the southbound lanes, you cannot access it. you are going to have to use 15th street as the alternate. also, on roosevelt boulevard southbound approaching the 76 west off ramp that is where we now have a disable vehicle now blocking the right lane. fox 29 morning news will be
6:53 am
6:54 am
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at good morning. 6:55. wouldn't you love to be here as sunrisees over the pocono mountains, golfing. i would be in that sand trap in the right. adorable toddler puts any interesting twist on a abc, right. how about this one... >> ♪ >> that is ethan conner rocking out, the abc's, maybe we will see him on the musical charts in the future but he has binge inn and all. that rocks. a georgia man ace live
6:56 am
thanks to his five-year old daughter. ernie vodka says he had a seizure on sunday and he and his daughter were the only won home. she knew something was wrong with her dad, so she ran for help. >> he got out of bed. he said he felt dizzy and he fell down and i saw him shaking. i was like i should go over to the neighbor's house and she can call 911. >> vodka continues to he recovery hopes this could be a lesson to all parents how important it is to teach your kids about calling 911 or getting a neighbor to call nine # one, as what is happening in this case. federal officials say as many a as five of the nation's biggest banks could have been hack by cyber terrorists. what exactly happened and how can you protect yourself and your money. we will give you tools you need coming up on good day. made in america is coming to town this weekend what you
6:57 am
need to know before head ing to the biggest part think weekend. all ahead on good day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
a woman hit by two cars, abe then both cars, just drove away. how she's doing, and, police are still looking for those two cars at this point.
7:00 am
for those of you, well, maybe on your way to philadelphia, the made in america festival, of course, starts tomorrow. looking at q. q is at the big balls in wildwood. go see him right now. >> come see me rio grande and the boulevard, and the boardwalk. here's the thing. you guys will be down here monday. i'm just warming up the crowd for you guys. we will do it live. we will do zoomba classes, we will eat, exciting times. i'm nothing but fun, mike. back to you in the studio. >> yes, just like he said, we will there been monday. whole show, everybody that you see on our show will be down there. how about nfl toughening its policy on domestic violence. consequences every nfl employee could face maybe a ban for life. commissioner is changing his tune. okay, i will apologize to everybody who had has ever gone to temple i said vanderbilt will smoke the owls. it is the the opposite.


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